King of Rock

The other day coming home from work I switched my Pandora channel over to Grandmaster Flash and listened to early Rap on the way home. Rapper's Delight, The Message, The 8th Wonder, New York, all the classics and, of course, Run DMC. I'm still a sucker for early days Rap because it is the Hip Hop I grew up listening to. My musical tastes have always run the entire spectrum of the dial, a reference some of you might not even get.

And then King of Rock by Run DMC came on. And it struck me that certain types of Rap are like certain types of Low Sec Pirates. Both come from semi-criminal environments, both skirt the edges of respect, and both often feel the need to pound their chests to be noticed. Either way I started writing lyrics and I couldn't stop.

Just for fun, here is Lord of Low, based on Run DMC's King of Rock:


I'm the lord of low, there is none higher
Sucker FC's should call me sire
To burn my kingdom, you must use fire
I won't stop flyin' till I retire

Now we rock the gates and fly correct
Our ships are on time and fits connect
Got the right to choose and will select
And other pirates can't stand us, but give us respect

They convo'd us and said we're gettin' bolder
There's no one colder
It's not Shadow Cartel and I'm notta shareholder
As one def pirate, I know I can hang
I'm Rixx from Stay Frosty, flying with my Gang
Roll to the rokh, rokh to the roll
Stay Frosty stands for devastating ship control
You can't touch me with a ten foot pole
And I even made the devil sell me his soul

Now we crash through camps, slide through gates
Bust through cynos and always take baits
And when we're on a roam, it's always a trap
You can hear our guns from across the map
For every living person we're a flashing threat
It's me and Stay Frosty, so where's the dragnet?

Now we're the baddest of the bad, the coolest of the cool
I'm Rixx, I rokh and roll. With Stay Frosty, I rokh and rule
It's always Trick or Treat and never April Fool
It's all brand new, never ever old school

You got care in your bear and you can't comprehend
When your fits don't work and on WCS you depend
Piracy ain't nothin' but a pilot's jam
I'm Rixx Javix rockin with my band

Now I flew in ice belts and never mined
And my manual skills have never declined
I've been on many shows, including the o7
Take many frigates, the menace heaven
So all you sucker FC's, you gotta say please
Cause when I jump gates, It's loot I seize
Got a Corp so strong, it causes unease
Is it hard to believe it's Stay Frostie

I try to log in, every day
And Jose goes to school, never stray
And Cerv breaks the records he has to break
And we all undock with no delay, HEY!
I rock the tweetfleet with the words I speak
And Skir cuts the fits that are unique
And Jose makes us practice every day of the week
And we are the crew that can never be beat
So don't try to diss me, try to be my friend
Cause if you do, you'll get yours in the end
The ships we fly, shall set a trend
Because a devastating gang is what we send

We'll reign on your brain and rock your knot
When it comes to Eve, give it all we got
To be FC's, we got what it takes
Let the losers lose and the breakers break
We're cool cool cats, it's like that
That's the way it is, so stay the hell back
We're causin' hard times, for sucker FC's
Cause they don't make no songs like these


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