Deep Roots

I haven't seen this piece in probably twenty years. Its from 1983 or 1985 and probably the first large sized painting of a spaceship I ever tried. I know I had been drawing spaceships, and other things, for much longer. But this was an airbrush and pastel painting. You have no idea just how much I hated airbrushing.

I have no recollection of working on this. During this period of my life I was cranking work out left and right, trying to find my way. My style. My voice. Anything. So I make no claims as to the subject matter, because I simply don't remember. This may be an original, or I might very well have been using someone else's work as practice, or inspiration, or a launching point. Who knows.

It was good to see it again and realize that it wasn't lost to time. To be honest it is rather horrible. Looking back on old work is like watching yourself talk to a girl for the first time, its awkward, slightly embarrassing, and you could do so much better now.

But yeah, my spaceship roots run deep.


  1. Oh boy... I've seen that before. I think I know what your inspiration for the saucer was... It's an illustration book on future worlds from the late 80's or something like that. The book was not really that good and I think I gave it away many years ago.

  2. Found it!!! Book is called "Space Wars: Worlds & Weapons" from 1988, and here is the link for that picture:

    1. Wow. Well done. Like I said above I can't remember any of the details and wasn't sure if it was just practice or a class assignment or whatever. The one I used was probably from another earlier source I guess.

    2. And you would be right. This is the cover for "Those who watch" published in 1977.


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