Eve Conquest: The Card Game

Concept only, not final
As I mentioned in the previous post, I am working on three card games based on Eve Online. The first one is called Eve Conquest and it is a game played entirely with cards in which players try to collect the most valuable regions in New Eden. The player with the most valuable regions at the end of the game wins. Along the way Spais, Invasions, and other factors will come into play to keep you from that goal. It is intended to be very much an Eve Card Game, but it is also intended to be easy to learn, easy to play, and take about 15-20 minutes for 4 players to complete (Up to 6 players can play). A casual, fun, and entertaining card game between friends. That has been the design goal from the beginning.

The second game I'm working on is the Alliance Tournament Game which is card based, but also includes other elements. Dice, combat cards, an arena playmate, FC cards, and other elements both included with the core game and also available as expansions. This game is much more complicated and involved. But essentially it is based around the AT rules and each player builds their fleet and engages in combat until there is only one person left standing. It is intended for 2-4 players only.

The third one is based around Faction Warfare and involves resource gathering, moon mining, and iHub defenses. Each player plays a Faction and conquers and defends their space from the other players. This one is less developed right now, but the general outline is finished and I think it is going to be awesome. Imagine Risk but with Faction Warfare and you'll get a close idea. I hope to include 3d printed objects in this game to use on the board.

These are the three games I'd like to see developed and available to players. Honestly I have no idea how to proceed, so I'm just going to do it the only way I know how - by being as transparent with the community as possible.

My plan is to print 50-75 decks of Eve Conquest using my own money to bring to Fanfest in April. Way back in 2015 this was the advice that some people at CCP gave me with the first generation of games that I proposed to them, so I'm going to take it. My hope is that people will enjoy the game and spread the word. And that CCP will appreciate the quality and effort enough to allow me to pursue further development.

If so, then great. If not, then I will have created an Eve Card Game and 50-75 people will have decks they can play or collect, and I can move on to other things.

Either way, I believe it is worth trying. So I'm going to try.

I hope this is something that players will be interested in.

Onward and upward.


  1. Will you put some on sale online? If so ill buy some.

  2. I thought you were done with CCP collaborations. What prevents history from repeating itself and CCP selling posters ermm i mean cards with you out of the loop?

    1. Frankly nothing prevents history from repeating itself. But to allow that kind of thinking to prevent me from trying would be self-defeating wouldn't it? So, once more into the breach.

  3. Yet another reason to kick myself AGAIN for not getting to fanfest in April. I thought retiring meant more time to do the stuff I want to do ?

    1. That's what people think, but from what I've seen it is usually the opposite.


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