The Legendary Machariel

The Legendary Tweetfleet Machariel

Almost six years ago, back when I was a poor struggling Pirate, the folks over on #Tweetfleet did me a solid. They gathered together and bought me my very first Machariel. I named her Tweetfleet and she has served me well for almost six long years.

Oh I've had other Machariels over the years. For awhile I even thought this one had died during our infamous All Pirate Ship NEO Tournament fight a few years back. But no, that was a different ship. During the set up for the Tournament I had bought a couple of others and this one was moved to another station during an operation. When we packed up in Isho and moved Stay Frosty HQ down to Oullie, she came with me. Safe and sound.

Tonight I discovered the Angel Hex skin and I bought it for her. That's her sporting her badass neon green animated skin in the above picture taken outside our Citadel "Toothpaste Fish".

She does get into fights from time to time, but I rarely fly her into battle. I have two other Machs that are for fighting. My ships tend to die rather quickly and I rarely have them long. It's nice to look thru my hangar and see her there every day. It reminds me of a kindness done to me back when I needed it most. May 2012 was a dark time, I had recently closed my agency after eleven years and was dealing with all that that meant. I have a lot of stories about Eve and the community. I often get dragged thru the muck for some of them. But over here, in real life, I only smile. Nothing anyone will ever say will change the truth. And that truth is why I still play, why I still write, podcast, draw spaceships and everything else that I do.

And meanwhile the legendary tweetfleet Mach still plies the space lanes, more beautiful than ever.

Long may she live.


  1. Love that ship, and I love that it's still alive. Hope it lives many more years.

    1. You and me both. I'm trying to keep it alive, but every time it undocks it has the potential to explode. So we shall see.

  2. Way back when I was (really) a noob a rich mate bought me a Mach hull... one'a them random things a friend will sometimes do for a friend, when he's feeling particularly good about life... or drunk... or high.

    It was YEARS (literally I think 3 years) afore I was skilled up enough for the AI to allow me, the OWNER FFS, to even walk aboard her. Another year past 'fore I could shitfit her even half passably.

    She has very a speshul place in my skeevey heart, same as yours does for you. And I still have that exact same hull. Ahhh... the small, precious joys of EVE. =]


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