Coming Home

Coming Home
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This is an unfinished idea I had for a full-scale piece awhile back and I thought I'd share it with you. This is the stage where I just throw ideas together in Photoshop and "sketch" them together to see if they are working. It's quick, but it helps work out any problems and get all the pieces the way I want them.

There are literally hundreds of unfinished projects lying around my studio, my computer, and in my brain. Someday I hope to get around to finishing more of them.

But, most likely, many of them will never be finished.

Such is the way of things.


  1. I can imagine a "Wizard of Oz" moment, where the FedNav Comet has landed on the house... "oops, forgot it was there. Bugger"

    1. Lol, only if the house collapse kills the wicked witch in the process.


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