Rorqual Death

Rorqual Death
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So yesterday this happened.

I was coming back from being blobbed in my pod when I noticed this Rorqual sitting on our station. I quickly jumped into one of my Bhaalgorns and undocked, mostly just intending to have some fun trying to bump it off station. I also started yelling in Corp chat. This is Eve and one never knows what might happen next.

Instead of bumping him I noticed he was aligned... at the High Sec gate. Fellow SF Pilot Devlin also noticed this and warped to the gate in his Slasher (iirc). Either way the Rorqual actually warped to the HS gate, so I quickly aligned down myself. Well, as quickly as a BS can. As you all should know, Capitals cannot jump into HS. At this point we just assumed he had a cyno and was just trying to buy time. But then Devin reported that he landed 10k off the gate and that he already had scram. I was already in warp and landed at zero as intended. I heated my MWD, got point, webs, dropped drones, and aligned right back at the Rorqual. That first bump was legendary and he bumped clear back to 17k off the gate. My weapons and neuts and heavies were already shredding, but Rorquals can be tough and I figured this was going to take some time.

By this time Devlin had left to go grab his own BS and I had Logi on the field to help with gate guns. At this point the only real worry was potential traffic, but local remained relatively calm. The ship was dying quickly, too fast for a Rorqual, when the pilot eventually decided to self-destruct. Devlin managed to get his pod and the salvage.

Turns out it wasn't fit at all. I had noticed this ship docking in our station a week or so ago and told everyone to be on the lookout for it. I never thought this would happen.

I realize we are living in a new age here. And that there are people playing Eve who simply haven't gone thru the traditional learning cliff Hell that most of us had to endure. But on the other hand, there are so many more resources available now than ever in Eve's history. Videos, Guides, tutorials, blogs, forums, Slacks, Discords, the list of helpful and useful information is overwhelming. So how do you explain this?

I know I can't. 

But I do appreciate the kill. I won't forget it anytime soon.


  1. After eight years in this game I have nothing to do with Slacks or Discords. I just do not care enough to be bothered with yet another "installation" in addition the game files.

    So I played club bridge. (now retired) I would meet people that essentially would be playing the same game for decades, one instance 50 years. They do not want anything more than just coming to the club, and immersing in a card game for a couple hours for one or two days a week. No knowledge of South African Texas Transfers, Splinter Bids, DONT or RKC 1430. (to name a few) No idea what happens for a lead out of turn.

    For a lot of people, just play the game as it is.

    High Security does not vote in the CSM because they choose not to vote. They do not vote because they are not aware that they can. They die in Burn Jita or Hulkageddon because it not was happening in the game yesterday. (it may as well be advertised at Alpha Centuri for 50 years, for all the good it does to be shown on INN or EN24).

    Some people just want to play a game. It is not a bad decision or good one to be out of touch with the wider meta.

    If you post in a forum and no one reads, have you really posted at all?

    1. And fewer and fewer new people are entering the game to counter the ones that just don't care anymore. CCP has ensured their own demise by siding with the sociopaths, control freaks,and RMT'ers.

  2. I'm a lapsed Hisec player and I always used to vote. Also Vince, background noise


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