WCS Banned?!?!?

From CCP Fozzie:
Hello spacefriends and happy Easter!
 Today we are excited to begin gathering feedback on a change we have planned for release in one of our upcoming Q2 2018 releases. This change specifically impacts factional warfare and the restrictions around entering FW capture complexes.

Warp Core Stabilizers are an extremely powerful tool for evasion, which can sometimes have a place in a game like EVE. However since the proper functioning of the Factional Warfare capture system requires pilots to trade a certain amount of risk (spending time at a spot in lowsec with a system-wide beacon making you easy to find) for a reward (FW warzone control for your faction, LP and opportunities for enjoyable PVP for you) we believe that warp core stabs skew that balance too far in the direction of reduced risk. These modules are also a significant part of the strategies employed by botters in FW space, which provides increased motivation for us to put some extra restrictions on them.
Our current plan is to disallow any ship with a warp core stab fitted from passing through a FW capture complex acceleration gate.
We are also considering the option of disallowing ships with a cloak fitted to pass through as well for similar reasons (we believe that cloak restrictions would have an even bigger impact on botters than stabs), but we’re less sure about extending these blocks to cloaks and we’re very interested in your feedback on that option.

We are aware that there will still be ways for warp core stabs to be used in FW even after these changes (including using them at the unrestricted large complexes and refitting with a depot inside the complex). We will not consider these sorts of uses to be exploits, but we do reserve the right to make further changes to restrict them later if they prove to be a problem.

We are very interested in hearing your feedback on this concept, so please let us know what you think below.

If this is an elaborate April Fools Joke then, well played. Fozzie has certainly trolled me before, so I wouldn't put it past him to do it again. But on the surface this doesn't feel like a typical CCP joke post. So let's take it at face value for now.

First of all this is the exact step that I discussed with Fozzie and Masterplan back at Fanfest in 2015. An "easy" first step towards mitigating the negative impact that the module is having on Low Sec. Since 2015 that impact has only worsened due to the addition of Alpha accounts. Just last week I encountered 20+ Jackdaws during my roam, each of which was sporting WCS. While this has always been a problem, it has only gotten worse in the years since. Lately it is more than likely that the ship in that plex has WCS fitted.

As you all should know by now, my BAN WCS Campaign was never about getting rid of the module, but only in fixing it. There are certainly legit reasons for using the module in non-combat scenarios. Although I would also argue that, as a legacy module, it could certainly stand some upgrades. But that is beside the point today.

Keeping them out of FW Plexes is a simple fix to a more complicated issue. Changing plex timers would be yet another simple fix that would go a long way towards making Low Sec more vibrant and combat based. Instead of avoidance based, which it sadly is now. Timers should re-set once abandoned.

I've been at this a long time. Hopefully, if this post is true, we could all see the beginnings of the changes I've been lobbying for in-game. That is a HUGE deal.

And while I appreciate the Maulus Navy Issue (thank you Fozzie), it alone has not been enough to temper the waves of risk-averse Alpha accounts that have flooded our shores.

This is a historical first step. Or I've been trolled yet again.

Either way I'll be in Iceland here in a few days.  :)


  1. The moaning and wailing about WCS goes back years, and I have never understood the logic. I've D-plexed with 3 wcs, and been killed by shear alpha dps, I've been pointed and killed by multiple attackers, I've been scrammed by someone who used two scrams. Like anything else, it is rock-paper scissors.

    But if 3/4 of the people stop running LS complexes, and go play in some other part of the sandbox, then 3/4 of your potential targets are gone.

    Is that really what you want?

    1. What I want is engaged and active players. What we have right now is a lot of unfitted, or half-fitted, or silly risk-averse players taking advantage of a system that benefits no one but themselves. That is, as I have said thousands of times, just bad game design.

      If 3/4 of lazy, bad, risk-averse people disappear from low sec then good. We had low sec before FW and we'll have it again if it disappears. I would much prefer a vibrant, engaged, and active FW system.

      Doing something about WCS is just one step on the way towards that goal.

    2. What players do you exactly benefit you ridiculous hypocritical twat? :D

    3. What players do you exactly benefit you ridiculous hypocritical twat? :D

  2. How very judgmental and non-sandboxy of you.

    "unfitted, or half-fitted, or silly risk-averse players" -- i.e., new players who don't know what they are doing.

    You want to control how others fit their ships, to fit what _you_ want. What a great idea -- lets apply that throughout New Eden. Sandbox dead.

    Yes, they are taking advantage.. these gated small complexes are one of the places where a lot of new players go to try and start earning isk to buy their first ships and skillbooks, when losing a Vexor feels crushing. It's where people go and do dumb things and make mistakes.

    What you want is to make this a place where only Dramiels, Worms, Garmurs, etc, can compete.

    LS is already the least utilized area of space. Driving out the new blood makes perfect sense.

    The result of you getting what you want will be hysterical. Go for it.

    1. Honestly I wonder if in last two years OP got any smarter, he is/was an absolute idiot


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