10 Year Birthday Celebration

Saturday was Stay Frosty Saturday and a celebration of my 10th Year Anniversary of playing Eve Online. As such I wanted to do some things to have fun and get as many people involved as possible. So I planned for some blue on blue Brawls at the Sun, followed by giving everyone a chance to blow me up, followed by a solid two-hour Frigate roam, and then followed by Devlin taking out some Cruisers for a roam/logistics practice. All in all I ended up playing over eight hours on Saturday. Which is probably the longest stretch of Eve I've had in one day since I left Null Sec.

Sadly the day did not get started off on the right foot. We happen to have a lurker hanging out in Ouelletta these days. This guy uses alts to lure you into fights that he thinks he can win, any other fights he runs from. The trick is, he uses a lot of drugs. So it can be extremely difficult to predict what his special powers will be from ship to ship. I was out in a Rifter when I spotted a ship diving into a Novice plex and I followed it in. Sadly I landed at zero on this guy's Atron. No big deal, we had a good long Frigate fight. Down to the wire. So here is when the problem comes in. When you fight someone in a good, solid, down to the wire fight you know the other guy is putting the fight ahead of his own personal safety. He isn't spending his last few seconds aligning out and preparing to save his pod. Which is why I never take advantage of that situation when I happen to be the one to win the fight. At least, that is how I play. Not everyone plays that way and I understand that. Just know that I also play other ways a well, like setting him Red to Stay Frosty and putting him into another category now. No more good fights. From now on we'll only fight when I can win. Enjoy.

With that out of the way we all got into T1 Frigates. I had already set up a BM near the Sun so we wouldn't be interrupted. Everyone undocks and warps to the BM at whatever range they want between 0-100. Guns are unlocked and havoc is unleashed. It's a lot of fun and gives everyone a chance to shoot me, the Directors, and anyone else they'd like. I believe Sadic won the first round. We ended up doing the whole thing twice. I'm not sure who won Round Two because I was busy getting my Praxis ready.

After Round Two I undocked in a Praxis and warped to the BM. I packed a few fun things in the cargo, including a ship skin and let everyone pummel me to death. It's always fun to let everyone shoot the Boss. I almost managed to pop a Vexor, but I didn't overdue it with the Praxis fit. The ship was fitted to die.

After a short break I took a bunch of ABA pilots out on a history roam. We'd head up to our old home base of Ishomilken and then swing back home. At one point I think we had about 23 in fleet, give or take a few. One of my own rules when leading a Frigate blob is to never unduly make life hard for our victims. In cases where we catch a lone or unsuspecting ship we should let the pod go. In one extreme case (as you can see in the video above) I decided to let the poor guys entire ship go. I strongly believe that we have to cultivate an environment in which people WANT to fight us. Not be afraid to fight us. I know a lot of people disagree with that attitude. Which is one reason why I have my own Corporation now.

I won't link all the kills here, but we had a very productive roam and only lost one of our own ships. One of the best kills came in Ishomilken when a bunch of local trash talking idiots managed to lose one of their Phantasms on a gate to us. The funny part is how avoidable that fight was. We are mostly negative Pirates sitting on a Jump Gate. But for some reason he decided to shoot one of us. He died pretty quickly after that.

I don't have much to say about Devlin's Cruiser/Logi Roam afterwards, but I am thinking about letting him borrow my Monitor. Everytime we do anything, Devlin gets popped. lol

Great day.