10 Years of Rixx | Events

DEATHRACE Wallpaper Rev
My promo poster for one of my Death Races
Over the years I've put together a bunch of in-game events, from Death Races, Frigate Free For Alls, and others - to give us all a little something fun to do together in space. It is a shame that as time has gone on in Eve that such events are almost impossible to hold anymore. Between enforcing the rules, managing the event, prepping the event, providing security, and then watching it all crumble under the weight of a Cap Drop or worse - it just isn't worth it. At least not to me. Part of that problem has to do with my own dedication to being -10. Which is why I don't show up for public roams or high-sec based CCP events. It sucks to be a gangster sometimes.

Eve itself has changed a lot since my first Death Race thru Providence back in 2009. Since then I've organized, or co-organized, about 15 in-game events. Each one became more and more difficult as time wore on. Part of that is mechanics changes in the game itself, the increasing complexity of ships available, the use of Wormholes which was still rare back when we started. And the proliferation of Capital Ships and the ease of dropping them has also made things more challenging. Not to mention the expanse of player owned Citadels around every corner these days.

Change is the only constant and someone out there might just come up with an in-game event that could work. In Stay Frosty we are considering hosting an FFA again soon, so all may not be lost yet. We'll just have to see. Every challenge has a solution. It just takes time and dedication to make them work.

I don't have a lot to add. If you are interested in the history you can use the Search function to search for FFA or DeathRace or Event and learn more details.

Next time.