Forgotten Corners

Wormholes. Low Security Space. Spend any amount of time at an Eve Player meet and you'll quickly understand that these regions don't get the same attention that Null Sec does. Null groups dominate events. Test had over 100 players attend the most recent Eve Vegas for example. I'm guessing but I'd bet there weren't 100 total players at Vegas that call Low Sec home. Or Wormholes. Null gets the attention in every way attention can be given. From CCP, from the media, and from other players. Look, I've played in Null and fought in many wars, I've got nothing against it. Play where you want and play how you want.

But when was the last time Wormholes got an upgrade? When was the last time something new was added to Low Sec to make it more enticing? That's right, in both cases it has been almost an entire DECADE. Which is ten years by the way.

And right now I'm speaking as the CEO of a 300+ member Low Sec Pirate Corporation - low sec isn't bouncing back after the Summer like it usually does. It is concerning, quiet, slow, and relatively dead. We are running 4-5 fleets a week and having trouble finding content.

Take a look at our monthly killboard stats:


You have to go back to August of 2016 to find a month with lower than 1,000 kills and we've had three of them this year alone. Again, Summer is generally slower, but this is October. And September barely broke 1k.

I have a lot of hungry mouths to feed. I'm not going to give up on LS but I also know this means we have to start stretching out even further for content. Which we will of course.

My point is more about the long-term viability of both areas of space. Nothing in the long-term roadmap that I am aware of addresses either. Nothing. No hints at FW upgrades, or WH Abyssal graphics, or special "LS Only" content, or anything that can help drive engagement. Or provide a side-income stream that isn't relying on our alts in Null Sec. (And yes, we all have them. Spais are fun!)

It is important to mention that both WH and LS players don't want a lot of help. We just want some help. We like our spaces and they way they operate. Don't mess with stuff that isn't broken. In the case of LS all I really think we need is some love given to FW mechanics and some additional type of content drivers. Not much to be frank.

But when will that happen? My worry is not soon enough to matter.