Back to Business

I just flew back from North Carolina and boy are my arms tired.

I haven't written in a week because I had a business trip to prepare for and then go on, which was taking up a lot of my time and energy. I returned late Saturday night and spent most of Sunday vegetating in front of the NFL games. And not much else. Although I did take time to finish a few loose end projects that I had promised to finish. I do try to keep my word, although I am not always successful.

Before I left I managed to get blobbed properly by Hull Penetration, who were kind enough to exploit my DC and also pod me. Which was super nice of them. I'm currently out of implant sets so now I have to haul my alt around to pick up some new brain candy. Something I always enjoy doing... not! Not sure what flavor I'll go with this time, it might be time for a change. I've been humping Slaves for awhile now, I do like the extra armor they give me - but it might be time for a change. I'll have to give that some thought. It comes at a good time, as we've set up a new alternative base of operations I need to establish a jump clone for anyway.

Take a minute and go check out the new single track from Roc Weiler that I did the cover art for. It's a truly great new music track called "O Seven" and you can check it out at this link.

Other than that, back to business as usual.