Eve Technical Specifications

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Who knows where ideas come from? This idea started as a goof. I was looking at this screenshot in photoshop the other night and thinking about all the elements in the shot. And then it hit me, I should just go ahead and label them. At first I wasn't sure just how far I could push things.

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I posted these on Twitter and Eve Facebook as I did them. I personally think they get better as I get more comfortable with the concept. On Twitter I created a hashtag for them called #EveIsEasy to help get the word out. Not only is Eve very easy, it is also funny to say that because Eve is insanely complicated. Contradiction. That's funny.

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There are literally thousands upon thousands of Eve screenshots on the Internets. Goodness knows I've provided my own fair share of those. But I wanted to do something different that hadn't been done before. As you all know, that is the sort of thing that motivates me. And I've never seen anything like this before. I'm sure somewhere, someone has done something like this before. But I haven't seen it. At least in Eve.

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Will I do more of these?

You bettcha. More coming soon™