Shadow Series Wallpapers

Shadow Series: Frozen in Time and Space

Click the images above to visit this Album on my Flickr portfolio to enjoy this series of wallpapers I created called, "Shadow Series". The inspiration for these images came from NASA and the stark blacks of spacecraft in actual space where the harsh light of the Sun dims the stars around them. I find the inky blackness of space to be incredibly fascinating and I wondered what Eve would look like in that style.

Each wallpaper is intended to tell a story about a different aspect of the Eve Universe without words. Only the image and the title set the stage for your own imagination to take hold. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them back in 2016/2017. I do hope to add more to the Album soon.

Tomorrow an unknown amount of Eve Nerds will be at my home... so I need to go prepare.

Photos, stories, and more coming soon.