December 2019: Best Month Ever?

Drake Fleet 2019
Drake Fleet Undocking
It's hard to imagine that after 11+ years of playing Eve Online that December 2019 might be the best month of Eve I've ever had - but I think the argument is there for it. Obviously a bunch of factors had to be present for this to happen. December is typically a slow month, end of year, holidays, weather, a lot of factors add up to more time than normal to play. Add to that my current employment state and I have even more time than usual for playing my favorite game. That certainly helps. But it was also a month that saw more than a few unusual circumstances pop up that helped elevate it beyond just bone crushing numbers.

I had 185 kills in December, which is my best month numbers wise since May 2015 when I had 222 kills. But December stands out because of the "value" of its destruction, which added up to 19.26 Billion Isk in total. Now that number far exceeds my previous value high month of 14.49 Billion Isk in May 2011 back when I was running the Burn Away Alliance and we were killing Carriers. Remember when Carriers would run missions? So why so much value destruction? Again, a bunch of factors had to happen to contribute to such a high number.

Let's take a look at some of the big hits from last month, starting with the Dreadnaught kill. (You can watch a video of this fight here.)  This was a big score on its own, but what this single incident doesn't show is just how often we were killing these guys around the neighborhood. They kept flying expensive, blingy ships and we just kept blowing them up. That certainly helped the numbers.

The AFK Leshak.  We ran a filament roam and jumped into four or five Null Sec regions generally coming up short on great content - which is Null Sec in general in my opinion. However, we did spot this Leshak tethered to a Citadel during our roam. And while our FC Watson poo-poo'ed my idea of bumping it off the tether with our interceptors, Brrc Flynn of Average Pilots took it to heart and started doing just that. Once he reported back that it seemed the Leshak was AFK we all rushed in to push and bump him off station. We even grabbed his rather expensive pod. Much hilarity was had.

The Athanor Oopsie. (You can read more details here about this fight.)  As we learned later this entire thing was came down to one player dropping a structure were it shouldn't have been dropped without telling anyone about it, until the last minute. The battle, the Athanor, and all the kills associated with it truly had a great impact on the total value destruction of this month.

And finally the Drake Roam.  I took 13 -15 Drakes out for a stroll and we ended up in three truly great fights that we managed to come out of ahead in the ISK War and in the total killed balance. You can read the report for yourself, but a lot of green was added to the killboard that day. And my Drake made it safely back to station, which is unusual enough on its own.

I also had 44 Solo kills and 8 Solo losses for the month. Nothing super great sadly, but some good fights. Here are a few of them.

Mostly however, I think December was one of my best months because Stay Frosty and ABA are both doing well. Average Pilots joined the Alliance and our members are engaged, finding content, and getting involved. As always that means more to me than individual accomplishment.

And speaking of individual accomplishment, congratulations to my friend Lufax for winning December's Hicks Award with 197 kills for the month. I tried keeping up, but in the end my Mobile Depot gambit wasn't enough. Well done and well deserved.

Onward to 2020. I wonder what great fights, adventures, and paths await us in the New Year?

Let's find out.