Fanfest 2020 Cancelled

CCP did the only thing they could today and cancelled Fanfest. It was the right decision and I'm sure they only made it after extremely careful consideration. I'm also sure that there is already someone planning a Reddit conspiracy post about low attendance being behind it, or the fact that our South Korean Overlords were impacted by travel bans, or something else. Despite our community's often weird fascination with conspiracy theories - this ignores the widespread global reaction to the coronavirus. You'd have to have been living in a cave not to see this coming. This is not a surprise.

So, what now? Mostly we wait and see. Those of you with paid plans need to make the decision to either continue on with those plans or cancel them. I hope you have travel insurance. You should not travel overseas without it. If not, be sure to check your credit cards. Credit cards often come with some form of insurance for situations like this. So be sure to investigate that. Remember that the airlines and hotels are getting swamped right now, so be patient. This will all sort itself out. But generally speaking most airline travel below Business Class is going to be non-refundable. That's just the way things are.

As of writing this today my Wife and I are still planning on going to Iceland. As it appears that many of you are as well. We are aware that this situation may change yet again in the coming days and weeks, so be advised of that. It is entirely possible that at some point Iceland may not want us there. Be prepared for that as well. This is a very fluid and ever-changing reaction. Some might say over-reaction. But there it is.

As of now, #FluFest is on. More details will follow if things continue in that direction.

For now, our Wednesday night Tweetfleet Meet is still on. The legendary #tweetfleet pre-fanfest meet will be held at the Gaukurinn again. Because of the immense success of the 2018 edition we are expanding to neighboring  venues. We'll expand our territory to the Gummi Ben Bar next door to Gaukurinn.

For now that is the only confirmed venue/event that I am aware of. I'm sure other Alliances and groups will be making their own revisions to their plans as well. I will continue to write updates along the way.

So I hope to still see some of you in Iceland.