Stay in Fleet

Coronavirus: Stay In Fleet Wallpaper
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I wanted to make a Wallpaper that expressed the power of our community and also served to help get the message out. We can't win this fight solo, we need each other. So I encourage you to stay connected on Discord, in chat, on Skype, on Twitter, FB, Forums... wherever you happen to be. Stay connected to those around you and your fellow gamers and friends. This is a small world and we are all connected. Every day I'm hearing from people from all over the world, what they are going thru and the challenges they are facing. It's important to not feel alone.

Already I have friends with COVID that I'm concerned about. And I'm sure that you have people you care about as well. This great community of ours is powerful, but only if you participate and engage with it. If you don't have your own group, or you need to speak to someone, you can always join the Broadcast4Reps Discord or connect with it on Facebook.

Hang in there and keep the courage. We'll get through this together.

Stay in Fleet.