This Saturday, May 23rd,  A Band Apart will be hosting their fifth Frigate Free For All (FFA) in Ouelletta, Verge Vendor, from 16:00-20:00 Eve time. 4,000 Frigates will be available for FREE to all participants in the Federal Navy Academy station at Planet V Moon V. 

“The free Frigates will be fit so that anyone, no matter their skill level or experience, can fly one and enjoy a fun environment of friendly combat,” said Rixx Javix, Executor of A Band Apart alliance and host of the event, “this is still Eve of course, but this is as safe of an environment as we can provide.” The last FFA saw 2,000 players take to space and resulted in over 45,000 explosions over the entire afternoon, “The red dot on the New Eden map was huge!”, Javix said.

During the course of the event on Saturday special events will be announced in local, giving pilots a chance to score valuable kills and loot - all provided by pilots in ABA. “We have some special ships our pilots are planning on bringing out and sacrificing to the altar of Bob, you might see an Orca, or a Carrier, or maybe something even bigger to pew.”

Participants are free to bring their own ships, or to dock up and trade for one of the provided ships. All participants are asked to not engage in podding during the event. Ouelletta is easily accessible from High Security space through the Jufvitte gate.

The event runs from 16:00 to 20:00 hours and more information or details can be found by joining the EVEOGANDA channel in-game.