Shoutout: Lucifer's Hammer

Lucifer's Hammer Wallpaper

With the Frigate Free For All coming up this Saturday (TWO DAYS!!) I wanted to take a quick minute to shoutout the amazing work Lucifer's Hammer has done in support of this event. It isn't an easy task to build 3,200 fully-fit Frigates on demand and then have them be on-site days in advance, but these hard-working, dedicated pilots made it happen. None of what happens on Saturday could happen without them. So I wanted to personally thank them publicly for all their hard work.

I get such a kick watching Starfire Dai and the team succeed. And also from watching the legacy of Lucifer's Hammer continue. For those of you that might not know it, LH was the prototype for Stay Frosty. Originally created as a hybrid military/industrial corporation in Null Sec, Lucifer's transformed along with my own play-style and eventually became my very first pirate corporation down in Syndicate. Then in Rote Kappelle. Then in Muppet Ninjas. Then the backbone of my first Alliance Burn Away. Then as a place to hide while my life fell apart. And then as a place to house Stay Frosty alts. And finally, under the direction of Star and her team - an entirely new entity with its own mission inside of A Band Apart. That is a lot of history. And it makes me happy to see it living and thriving into a new future.

If you'd like to consider joining the team and being part of building this future join The Frosty Hammer in-game channel and talk to the folks in Lucifer's Hammer. With your help, who knows where this journey will take us all next.

Onward & Upward