Fanfest cancelled. Summer trip to Iceland cancelled. Baltic Sea Cruise with Eve nerds cancelled. Eve North cancelled. Steel City Eve, New Orleans, Vegas... the list is long. 2020 sucks and we're stuck in our houses trying to keep ourselves and our families safe from the Rona. We're doing our best. At least, those of us with a conscience and some small measure of compassion and common sense are. The rest of these people? Who knows.

As for me and my family we've seen too many trips cancelled this year and we desperately need a change of scenery. So we're moving our self-isolation to another house for a week. This one just happens to be on top of a mountain in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Different view. New house. Pool. Pool table. Drinking. Good food. And quiet.

We need it. So I will see you all in a week or so. Be sure to follow along on Twitter or Instagram for what I can only assume will be tons of photos.