Alliance Tournament 2020

EveNT and CCP have worked together to finally develop a solution to the missing Alliance Tournament and this year, in November, we will be once again treated to two insane weekends of Alliance competition in Eve Online. If your Alliance would like to be a part of this year's Tournament, space is still available as I write this post. Visit this site to learn more about how to register.

Our Alliance, A Band Apart, was among the first 15 to register and we are already well into the process of getting ready, forming our team, setting up new Discord channels, debating comps, learning the new rules, and getting organized. November seems far away, but it will be here before you know it. It is exciting to be having these conversations again and to see people getting pumped up for yet another go at winning and bringing honor to the Alliance.

We've already seen players re-subbing Omega accounts or coming back from hiatus in order to get involved. As I've said many, many times before - the AT is simply the entire reason that some people play Eve. Especially the more veteran players. CCP's decision to stop holding the annual event had a direct impact on player retention, so it's great to see those trends reversing. At least on a small scale. 

Unfortunately this also means that this AT will be held on another server, Thunderdome, and not out on Tranquility. This might seem like a small thing to some of you reading this, but it is rather important. This means that the losses and victories felt during these matches won't be "real" or impact killboards, or need a vast army of industrialists behind them. It is often an overlooked aspect of each Alliance Tournament, the sheer amount of support, mining, industry, and transport needed to support the team. And the incredible amount of investment required to properly outfit and supply multiple comps that need to be on hand for each match. Our entire Alliance would be involved and impacted by the lead-up to the AT. This won't be the case this year. Which, on the other hand, also makes things a tad easier on everyone. Now each Alliance will be on a more even playing field.

And Eve-NT has done an admirable job at trying to compensate for those differences. Each Alliance has been asked to contribute more PLEX to the pool this year, in order to subscribe real value to each entry. So that helps. In addition, instead of Flagships, this year brings a Wildcard function which gives each Alliance the chance to fly unique AT ships from the past in at least one match. Which is pretty exciting.

It is better to have an AT than not have one. All of us in ABA are very excited about it.

So get those applications in today and let's fill out the 32 slots and make this tournament something to remember.