Every single time I log in to play Eve I have one goal - pick a ship, find good fights, and win those fights. Sometimes alone, often with my fellow pilots. I generate content. That is all I do, day in and day out. Content for my Alliance/Corporation and content for everyone else flying in space at the time. That is my purpose in-game and one I've been more than happy to provide for a long time. Lately, given the world we happen to be living in now, it has become more apparent to me the level of concentration that is required to do this job at the highest level. And how challenging it can be to keep it running at that level, all the time.

Life can be distracting. Your mind can wander. Eve is often an extremely boring game up until the second it isn't. Long stretches of wandering, scouting, annoying people, chasing people, trying to trick people, all often for nothing. Yesterday I spent almost thirty minutes trying to get a Retribution to attack my Daredevil, a fight he had good odds on winning, without luck. And that's normal. No one really wants to fight, unless they feel like they have the odds in their favor. Or unless they have no choice. This is the Pirate's life in a nutshell. And I'm fine with that, in fact I love it, but it does leave a lot of room for distractions.

Yesterday was a great example. I was distracted all day, tired from the weekend, pulled in different directions. Usually Eve is a nice break from all of that. But often it can be hard to leave everything behind. Especially when you are tired. I attacked an Algos in my Kestrel and totally forgot to engage his drones for a good fifteen seconds or so, by which time it was too late. I derped myself into obvious bait even though my corpmate had just told me that the enemy fleet was on the other side of the gate. And I went after a ship I normally wouldn't have because for a few seconds I totally forgot what ship it was I was warping into. Until I landed. Boom.

So yeah I'm only human. No surprise there. 

Luckily Eve is a game and losing fights comes with the territory. No one is perfect. I only bring this up because I think it is yet another example of what I was talking about yesterday and how weird things truly are right now. It does have an impact and it does matter. Even for me.

I continue to love this game of ours. And we all have bad days. 

Tomorrow will be better. And good fights will be plentiful.