The Naglfar


So yesterday I'm out roaming around with not much going on, not a lot of time to play, when the call comes over that we have a Naglfar on station in our home system. This isn't unusual, a lot of groups use our system as a jump thru point on the way somewhere. It's convenient, near to high-sec, and it is full of friendly Pirates who respect random cynos being lit in local. (lol) What made this spotting different was what happened next - the Nag warped to a gate.

They aren't supposed to do that. And he kept doing it. Our scouts kept eyes on him as he kept jumping. I managed to get back into station as we started forming a fleet to do something about it. My initial thought was to grab my Phobos which I keep on hand for these types of things, but sadly it was nowhere to be found. (I probably left it somewhere on an op) And my Devoter wasn't fitted. By this time it became clear the Nag was coming back! 

By this time our response fleet was finally coming together, but slowly. Our guys grabbed him on the gate and he started aggressing. My worry at this point was that he was bait. And as soon as we aggressed something much worse would jump in on us. So I grabbed my Archon and warped to a perch above him and unleashed my Fighters. Meanwhile we had a cyno of our own go up and Brrc from Average Pilots dropped his own Nag on him. Since all I was doing was losing expensive Fighters I recalled them and docked the Archon up.

Because of where I docked I only had one Dread in station, so I jumped into my new (never undocked in anger) Revelation and warped at range. It was then I realized the Rev was in that station for a reason, it didn't have any fuel. So no Bastion Mode for me. I shot him anyway and aligned out in case things got much worse.

His Nag was fitted with HAW and he was popping our smaller stuff. We debated bringing in more, but we tried to manage without it. I was still worried about hot drops and didn't want to over-commit our resources. The fight took 25 minutes, but eventually he exploded.

Brrc and I warped off immediately to keep our Dreads safe. Unfortunately, during our warp, another group lit a cyno and dropped some transport ships on our gang and made off with the loot. A nasty surprise, but well-played by them.

A great fight and something we'll all remember for a long time. I've been playing Eve for almost 12 years now and this kill ranks as my 4th most expensive kill ever. Just shy of 4b.

Not a bad way to start off the new month.

Kudos to Echep for roaming low sec in a Naglfar. Good fight.