New Eve Pulse

The new Eve Pulse is out and waaaaaay at the end CCP Mirage mentions me! More importantly he mentions the Eve Gear Store and the Freaky Frigates sets that are now up for sale. 

I know that shipping is a bugger for a lot of the world, but I have nothing to do with that. Plus this is cool Eve Gear that would make awesome gifts. I have all of them sitting on my desk right now and I can assure you the quality is very good. I even gave some out for birthday gifts already this year!

And that's it for the sales pitch.

Remember the Alliance Open Tournament second weekend is back tomorrow! Be sure to catch all the action over on the Eve-NT Twitch Channel. Only 16 of the 32 teams remain and the action only gets more and more intense as more and more teams get clobberized and blown to bits. I'm hoping that our team avoids clobberization and soldiers on to the finals, but the path won't be an easy on.

Should be a lot of fun.