10 Years Ago


Back on Dec 2nd, 2010 I wrote an article entitled "Roamin' Low" in which I detailed a small gang I FC'd into low sec from our new home down in Syndicate. I was still a null sec pilot back then, but it is easy to see that I'm already starting to think about things differently. At that point I had spent two years living primarily in null, fighting wars, moving around, trying to find engaging content. We had just left Circle of Two and several failed Alliances in various regions. And finally we decided enough was enough and started our own Alliance called Black Mark in Syndicate. When I say "we" here I mean the corporation I was in at the time, Dissonance.

What I didn't know then was that the low sec bug had already bitten me. Being in Syndicate allowed for much easier access to roams into pirate space. I couldn't have imagined back then where this path would lead, all I knew was that I wanted something different. This is where Lucifer's Hammer was born, where I met ItsmeHcK1, CyberTen, and Lex Fasces who would ultimately be the driving forces that encouraged me into a life of piracy. (Not to mention so many others as well)

The history is all there for you to read and I encourage you to do so. But the TL;DR version is this:

Lucifer's Hammer left Black Mark and joined Rote Kapelle who didn't like us putting small neuts on our Vagabonds, so we left and joined Muppet Ninjas in Ostingele who shot Itsme and started a huge drama that resulted in us leaving after a single day, we moved to Lisb (next to Aeschee) and started our own Alliance called Burn Away. Which did really well for a time. Until my real life went into the dumpster fire for a while and the Alliance collapsed, I hid out for a time before joining Tuskers and then Stay Frosty was born. And everyone was happy. (!)

Somewhere along the path of those last ten years I became the most famous/infamous pirate in Eve, Pirate Lord of Low Sec, CEO of the greatest group of notorious gentlemen (and ladies!) in the game, and proud executor of the A Band Apart Alliance. Not to mention other stuff that happened.

At the end of that article back in 2010 I said, "I like to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." regarding low sec. Funny now. It just goes to show you that this adventure, this journey, was never destined or set in stone. It has been a constant series of weird coincidences, happenstance, chance encounters, and opportunities that led from one thing to another.

I can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring.