The Map


Earlier this year my friend Ithica Hawk finished hand drawing a really awesome fantasy style map of New Eden. I'm not even entirely sure when he started this project, but I know it took him a good amount of time to complete it. Along the way I had reached out to him several times about getting it scanned in at high resolution and letting me have a shot at colorizing it and generally making his art into a handsome poster.

Back in September he sent me a scan he had made in two pieces. So I stitched those two together and spent some time making them into one piece and cleaning up the scan artifacts. We discussed the project, I did a bunch of very early color samples, and then it went into the project grinder.

So earlier this week I decided I wanted to finish it before the end of the year and started working on it more seriously. In-between other paying projects and projects for the community. Not to mention my on-going attempts to try and get something started with my own career. Or making Freaky Frigates for the Eve Store. Been a busy year.

I know everyone is very excited about this project. All I ask is for a little patience while I finish it. As you all know I love maps and have made a bunch of them for Eve over the years. So this project hits a lot of nerve endings for me as well, Dungeons & Dragons, Eve Online, Maps, and extremely fun and creative projects. So I promise it will be finished soon. But I am not going to rush it either.

I can also assure you that Ithica and I both want to make sure the community has a chance to get their hands on this piece. Exactly how that happens is up in the air at the moment, but we are both hopeful that it will be in a manner befitting the project. So hang in there and I'll have more details to share with you shortly.

Until then I'll keep updating the progress on my various channels and here in these pages.

Thanks. Hang in there.