Year in Review


I enjoy these "year in review" videos that CCP has created the past two years. My favorite part is watching other people's videos, especially a whole bunch in a row when they post them on Discord. I find it fascinating and an interesting glimpse into just how differently we all approach the game. Great stuff.

So up above is mine if you are interested. As many others have pointed out in their own videos, the stats are somewhat borked. In my video it seems I exploded 603 ships when in fact that number is actually 1,417 as of yesterday. (With 260 losses for the year) So take everything you see on people's videos with a grain of salt, but the point isn't accuracy anyway. They do give us a glimpse into our characters lives and that is enough for me.

Freaky Frigates Daredevil

The big news for me in 2020 was the opportunity to create a brand-new project for the Eve Merch Store.  Something that was entirely mine and that expressed my love for Eve in a new way. It took some time to get this off and running, but once the idea had settled into my brain pan, I had so much fun drawing these things that I couldn't stop laughing while working. I think I drove my poor Wife crazy more than a few times. I had so much fun creating the illustration series. And while the Eve Store continues to have issues with shipping (which are not my fault!) I'm proud of the work.

My main goal remains the same as it has been since day one - to create exciting and original projects in collaboration with CCP that enhance and promote Eve Online. I'd love to be able to sell my art legally, to create new projects that excite the community, and to help bring Eve Online to new audiences. I've come so close to achieving those goals dozens of times over the years and I continue to believe that one day, hopefully soon, I'll have the chance to do so. Fingers remained crossed.

In-game Stay Frosty and A Band Apart continue to flourish and grow. We ran a very successful FFA earlier in the year that was amazing and generated thousands of explosions and fun events. And we are already in the planning stages for our next one coming up in late Feb or early March. So stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks. ABA made another run at the Alliance Tournament and we lost some heart-breakers and won some close fights. We had fun and hopefully there will be another chance at glory next year.

2020 was a rough year. There is no sugar coating it. No Eve meets, no travel, no hanging out with friends. Just a lot of worry, stress, and hoping that everyone we care about stays safe and well. One of the greatest parts of this wonderful community is our global reach and how in-touch with the world it can make you feel. Especially at times like this past year. I hear the stories and feel the pain of all my friends. The jobs lost, the relationships, the families in crisis, the struggles, and the triumphs. It has been a rough year. There is no sugar coating it.

But I hope that this corner of that year, this blog, my art, my funny stories, the tales of Space Pirate adventure, have helped even in the tiniest way to make the past year just a tiny bit better. I know that Eve and this great community continue to be the constant and reliable source for my own inspiration and joy. And I hope it is for you as well.

I look forward to sharing that ride with you again in the coming year.

Keep the courage.