Bitter History


New players are fun. You can try to explain that once upon a time, not that long ago, you had to manually activate your Damage Control every time you jumped or undocked. It became such an instinct to do so that when they changed it to a passive mod, my fingers kept hitting that key for almost a year. You can try to explain that. But you sound old and weird when you do so. Which only makes it funnier. And then you try to explain that Rigs used to come in only one size - Large - and that people rarely fitted rigs to small ships. Cause they were super expensive. But when you did, you had Crows with large rigs on them.

I made my first fortune in Eve selling Large Rigs in Null. Almost every morning I'd make the trip from PI-5 in Providence up the pipe to Amarr and purchase a Badger full of large rigs and then make the trip back down the pipe to put them up on the market. Alone. Without a scout. I did this for a long time and only lost two Badgers. I lost them both at almost the same time. A cloaky stealth bomber killed me and I went to a station and bought another Badger to go back for the loot. And the same cloaky bomber killed me again. Yeah, I wasn't always the smartest Noob.

It got me wondering. What other demarcations exist in Eve History that, if explained to a new player, would make you sound like an old person?  So I asked on Twitter and the responses were amazing.

Back in the day you had to keep your clone updated or you ran the risk of losing skills when you got yourself killed. Speaking of skills, we had Learning Skills that we had to train in order to better train other skills. Oh and you could only train so many skills at a time! It'd be impossible for new players to truly appreciate the anxiety involved in keeping your skill train running. Logging in at insane hours just to pop some new skills. During vacations and in the middle of the night. Seriously.

Kestrels with Cruise Missiles! Stacked prop mods! Bookmarks 15k from each gate so your ship would land at zero, because you couldn't warp to zero! Mining with Battleships. Aurum! Mines! An in-game browser! 

One of the biggest changes over the years, in my opinion, is best personified in the Titan. Given all the news lately about Titan losses in Null Sec it might be challenging for younger players to believe that at one point, Titans were very rare. Not only rare, but extremely scary. I have a screenshot that captures the very first time I saw a Titan wild in-game. Here it is:

Avatar Titan

You can see the Avatar way off in the distance below the gate. What isn't captured here is that immediately after this was taken we ALL DIED!!! Back then Titans had Area of Effect (AOE) weapons and common practice in null was fitting your ships to be AOE Proof! Mine was not. Nor was most of our fleet. Seeing a Titan suddenly appear on field was scary. They were so rare that at one point there was a website that actually tracked how many Titans there were in-game and who owned them. True story.

I've been playing Eve for well over 12 years now. But Eve was already 5 years old when I started playing. This game has been around for a long time now and it continues to change and evolve on a regular basis. We've been through some weird times. And not everything works. And somethings that don't work get changed and somethings that don't work never seem to change. We could once actually WALK into our Captains Quarters and look at our ships floating in the hangar. And ponder that door that never opened. And never will now.

Eve still has room for new players. New players that will someday look back at what is happening right now and tell stories about it. And feel nostalgia for something we all take for granted. It is those stories that truly power Eve Online. The stories we tell around the campfires at Eve meets and on comms. That we share on Discord or in private convos. And no matter who you are, or how long you've been around, having stories to tell is what brings us all together.

Treasure your adventures. Time marches on and those stories might just become your most valued treasure.


  1. Huh... "We could once actually WALK into our Captains Quarters and look at our ships floating in the hangar. And ponder that door that never opened. And never will now."

    You know who is to blame for that man.

    The players. Yes there was a time when CCP wanted to bring us WIS (Walking in Stations or FPS gameplay in EVE) but the players, well, those who for reasons I cannot to this day understand RIOTED against it. They, those players, forced CCP to STOP all work on WIS... and you were one of them. You remember? You and I discussed it, back and forth in our blogs once, do you remember?

    You said in a comment on my blog, "(new players) …curiosity (about WiS) is, and should be, a little uncomfortable for us older players. Frankly, we have some explaining to do.” Yes, you do.

    I was one of the few who saw the potential... a potential I now enjoy immensely every day. You see I no longer play EVE. I fly in Star Citizen now. And even with the bugs and crashes and "still in Alpha"... it is BY FAR THE SINGLE BEST SciFi based open world MMO(RP)G I have EVER played, including EVE. And you know I was an avid EVE player, and wormholer FFS, for over 10 years.

    I no longer play EVE because, even with the bugs and crashes and "10 years still in Alpha"... Star Citizen is EVERYTHING we do not and never will have in EVE. And it's the players fault, not CCP's.

    So am I bitter? Am I an EVE bittervet? Nope... I'm simply too busy landing on planets and walking on moons and mining BY HAND and flying amazingly detailed ships in an amazingly detailed, and growing, 'verse... Yup, simply to busy having FUN to be bitter.

    BB62: Boot on the Ground...
    And now...
    On the Loss of Contention

    PS, Rixx... I was right.

    1. I wish it was as simple as you seem determined to make it. But you are forgetting a lot about what was happening during Incarna. It wasn't all about WiS. In fact, WiS was initially very much supported by the player base and by this blogger. No there was so much more going on at the time, from monocles, to expensive jeans, to fears about golden ammo, and much more. WiS became, over that time, representative of a much larger problem. And a technical problem for CCP as well, who honestly hadn't considered the server ramifications as much as they should have.

      On my wall I have an Incarna Release art print signed by Hilmar. I donated a chunk of cash to the Children's Hospital in Reykjavik to get my hands on it. I wanted that one because of what it represents. A turning point in Eve history. And in my humble opinion a turning point for the better. Eve Online is about spaceships and always should be. I'm glad you are enjoying Star Citizen and there are other games as well. But Eve is not Star Citizen and vice versa. And they shouldn't be.

      Avatar game play in Eve would have been a tragic mistake. One we barely avoided. And while it might always be fun to wonder "what if"? There is no going back.

  2. Nope, I agree it happened at the same time as the other BS, I do agree that there is no going back. CCP backed away because of the players and that it that. as to it being any kind of mistake for EVE to have FP Avatar gameplay, I disagree most strongly. And I don't wonder "what if"... I know, I now play a game that has it all. I know what we missed... and I am sad for EVE and CCP and most of all, the players.

    You were and are against FP "avatar" gameplay in EVE... yet you campaigned for "hats" on avatars you do not ever want to use.

    Keep up the good fight my old friend. I'll keep on walking and running and sitting and eating and piloting my ships, and you keep on... flying.


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