Faction Warfare


For years no one believed that Warp Core Stabilizers would ever change. We were once told that hats in Eve were impossible. That monocles and designer clothes could be purchased in-game with real world cash. (Incarna, you had to be there) That the Vagabond would lose it's trademark frills. I could go on. Over the past eleven years in the pages of this blog, at player events, on Tweetfleet, and in back-room discussions I've become known as someone who gets things done.

Over the years I've advocated for tactical bookmarks (Done!), expanded skill train (Done!), star harvesting (Still waiting), ECM changes (Done!), expanded ship fits (Done!), shared bookmarks (Done!) and the list goes on and on. And look, just to be clear here, I'm not taking sole credit for any of these. It takes a village to build consensus and change. And there remain a lot of things that need done, from small stuff (like getting the Strip Fitting and Undock options further apart!) to big stuff - like Faction Warfare.

For years now I've said in this blog that I believed the best place for me was out here on my soapbox. And, as we can see from the above, I have managed to get a lot accomplished. There is much more to it than just yelling on the corner however. And this last year spent without player meets and Dev face-time has shown me that the time for being on the sidelines is over. It's time to get into the thick of things.

Even if you don't know me, you know some things about me already. First of all you know I will never give up. I've been called relentless and I believe that is appropriate. The first mentions about Warp Core Stabilizers appeared ten years ago in these pages. A decade. If that isn't dedication, then what is?  Secondly you know I'm real when I say Low Sec is important to me. I'm not a transplant, a tourist, or a wanna-be null sec king someday. I've been in low sec exclusively for over a decade now, -10 every day (or as close as you can be with gate rats and skill point NPC kills!), and bringing content with Stay Frosty and ABA, not to mention our legendary public events. Like the record breaking recent FFA.

So, when I say Faction Warfare is going to be my next thing - you should believe it.

By the way, Faction Warfare is going to be my next thing.

If you elect me to the CSM Faction Warfare changes/updates/corrections will be my flagship effort. Getting stuff done for FW is not a simple button push, it is a complicated issue and will require more than just promises to affect change. And while others may blindly promise you this or that specific thing if elected, I'm not going to do that. Because I know, and you know, that isn't how the CSM works. What I am going to promise is that I will get things done. And I'll be there to ensure they get done right.

I have a lot of ideas about how to fix Faction Warfare, we all do. What I'm missing right now is important pieces that only CCP knows, data, activity, and pieces of a longer term development plan. I don't have access to those pieces. Only the CSM and CCP does.

Many of us believe changes are already on the horizon. Possibly they are. Which I believe makes it critical to have a representative there to ensure we are going in the right direction.

I'm asking you to support my effort to be that representative.


  1. How are you going to get things done for FW if you don't control the development cycle at CCP? I understand you're serious in your mission - that's clear - but if CCP doesn't focus on FW during your term as CSM, what will you do?

    1. This is possible. So I'll do what I've always done, first is to not take "no" as an answer and find a reasonable way to incorporate positive change into what is already in the pipeline. There are many things that can be done to help FW that do not require loads of dev time - for example the loss of timer if you exit a plex - that can be added to any pipeline stream. By focusing on those issues and trying to make it easier for devs, you are much more likely to get things implemented. Rather than trying to push big picture, hard to develop issues at them.

      Finding ways to work with the system, while also holding your ground, is the key. And something I am very, very good at.

  2. As a faction warfare player for over eight years, I know that FW in it's current state is broken. The warzones are almost void of content which is sad because I believe that FW gives a new player the best avenue to learn solo/small scale pvp. Good luck Rixx, you'll have my vote(s).

    1. Thanks Asia and I totally agree. I strongly believe that Low Sec and FW operate together to provide players the best opportunities for growth, learning, and potential in all of Eve Online. And I look forward to helping them reach that potential as best I can.


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