The Odds

If you are among the 4,500 readers that stopped by yesterday please do me a favor and take a minute to check out my forum post and hit the LIKE button. If you have an extra minute please feel free to comment, ask a question, or - even better - copy the link into your Alliance Discord for others to share.

You might be wondering why I care about "likes" and "comments" on my forum post. That's easy. Obviously I want to hear from players, from my readers, and potential voters. There are no political polls in a CSM election, so understanding how you are doing is extremely difficult. In addition, I'm sure there are people out there who are paying attention to the level of support each forum post gets. Potentially even basing their votes on that kind of support. So the more the merrier.

What do I know? This is my first time running. All I know how to do is present myself as a viable candidate, get on as many shows as possible, tell my story, and then let the players decide. What I won't do is anything that I find compromises my principals or what I believe in. Not happening. Not that anything has happened like that. Not yet anyway.

I got off topic. I posted this to show you the out take video from my recent campaign video. If you missed that one you can see it here. And also to let you know I will be on the CCPtv Twitch stream today at 19:15 for my ten minutes of Andy Warhol fame. So be sure to catch it.

Voting begins in a little over a week, on June 8th and runs until the 15th.

Let's do this thing.