Now What?


I took some time off from blogging and social media the past week or so, it was a much needed break after the non-stop intensity of the election. I'd like to shout-out to everyone who has reached out, or spoken up in local, or otherwise told me how disappointed they are that I didn't make it. Low Sec and Faction Warfare are both extremely important to a lot of players and, sadly, neither will be getting the attention they deserve from the current CSM. I told Phantomite this the other day on Discord, and I meant it, I'd much rather that he had won a second term. We don't agree on everything (who does?) but at least he had some momentum.

Time to move on. I'll continue to write and do all the things I have been doing. I have a lot of ideas about how to help Eve Online survive and thrive into the third decade and I won't be shy about sharing those here in these pages. They might not always be the most popular ideas, but I can assure you my goal to get people thinking about things will continue. I'll continue to advocate for my Factional Warfare Roadmap which I strongly believe is a great start to helping that play style achieve greatness again. I was the only candidate to publish such a plan and I still believe in it.

I'm also re-dedicating myself to providing content in-game as well. This weekend we're hosting an event with Eve University in our home system, which will transform into a combined roam which I will be FC'ing. And I've committed our group to hosting bi-annual FFA events instead of just annual versions. So our next massive, record-breaking FFA will be held this Fall. So keep an eye out for that. I'm looking forward to shattering the records we established back in March.

As always my primary focus will remain on my Alliance A Band Apart and my corporation Stay Frosty. We remain the largest independent pirate group in all of Low Sec and we continue to bring content every single day to all areas of New Eden. Our Summer Camp in Null is proceeding and we have weekly roams based there. Yep, we planted an Astra in Null Sec a month or so ago. Just for the fun of it. That's how we roll.

And, in a few short weeks, my Wife and I will be traveling to Iceland. We'll finally get a chance to use those tickets from Fanfest last year and see Iceland in the Summer for the first time. Our good friend and travel guide Besi will be showing us around the north country, the Westfjords and beyond. And we'll take a day to visit the new volcano in person. I hope to get time to visit the new CCP offices and have some drinks with our friends one night. Still working the details out.

So things continue. This journey isn't over. Thanks for reading.

More later.