10 Years Ago


10 years ago I watched as my skill points ticked over the 50 million mark. I sometimes like to look back at old posts and remember my own history, what it was like back then, and what I was doing. That specific post is funny in hindsight. In-game now Rixx is just about to tick over 260 million skill points. And unlike my younger self I'm rapidly running out of things to train into.

Of course whenever I say this in public, CCP always seems to pop up with entirely new ship classes or abilities that need to be trained from the ground-up. Goodness knows, I'm still working my way up that extremely expensive Vortron mountain. I recently finished training Large Vortron Lightning gun thingies and I only managed that skill book because another pilot in Stay Frosty was selling them at a discount. Those skillbooks remain incredibly expensive. But, even so, soon they will be all trained as well.

And, to be fair, my current "top off" skill train is two years and a few months long. So no danger of running out of things to work on for a few years yet. Which means I rarely even think about skills these days, which is a nice luxury that took a very long time to reach. For you younger pilots out there still working the train, it is important and you should seek all the advice you need to make informed decisions about what and when to train your next skills. I always did. But just to let you know something else, don't feel pressured or stressed about it. There is a lot of truly bad advice out there. In almost 13 years of Eve I remapped a grand total of two times. Once for Leadership skills and once more after they got rid of learning skills in the game. That's it. I always knew I was in this for the long game and I always tried to play it that way. I also never skill injected, except for a few times for the AT. But, even then, it was certainly not economically viable. Desperation more than anything. I needed that skill to finish training NOW. Couldn't wait.

Nothing much more to say today. Still getting used to this new job and managing my time.

Onward & Upward.