A Video About


Once again Rushlock has created a video about one of my posts and if you haven't checked these out yet, I encourage you to do so. I really enjoy these and I'm glad he is still making them. I often considered doing something like this myself with some of my posts, but time and energy always made me reconsider. I have a very busy schedule already and I'm stretched thin as it is. So I enjoy seeing these pop up every so often and I think, truthfully, that he does a fantastic job.

One of the best parts for me, listening to someone else talk about a post I've written, is the reaction. I always know what I intend when I write something, but I'm never really sure if that intention is evident when someone reads my words. Hearing someone else react is entertaining and also enlightening. We never discuss any of these upfront, I don't want to influence anything he says.

I will say this however, I have very little control over what happens to the titles of my blog posts when you click on them. This custom template I wrote years ago takes the blog post image and uses it as the background image for the title. Yes, I could only use dark images for my blog posts and that would ensure that all titles are readable. Or I could eliminate that image from the background and use a solid color instead, but I like the way it looks when it works. So sometimes I just have to live with the instances when a light colored blog image gets used. I figure, by the time it becomes an issue, the reader is already reading the blog post. It works enough to make it worth keeping, in my opinion.

Anyway, be sure to go over and subscribe to his YouTube channel. I have.

And be sure to check out the last post. I found some interesting words I wrote back when I was nine months into Eve Online, before I even started writing this blog 12 years ago. I think you'll enjoy reading them.