April Fools


I was having a bit of fun this morning over on Twitter with April Fool's jokes. Even Hilmar found time to like the Ridley Scott joke. I felt slightly horrible for succumbing to the pull of easy jokes, but more than anything the flurry of news only highlights to me how much we all want things like this to be true. Sutonia may or may not be a CCP Dev now. Even CCP got in on the day by announcing a Eve-based dating app launch.

More than anything we all want CCP to be more fun, more engaged, and more open to big ideas. There should be a FW Special Committee with the power to totally revamp the Faction Warfare system in Low Sec and a deadline to accomplish it. That should be happening. I should be able to sell my art, like others get to do, but for some weird reason I'm not allowed. And it would be great to see Eve make the leap into filmed production of some kind. And I could make a dozen more points like this all day today and we'd all get excited about each and every one of them.

I get it. Change is hard. But dreams aren't built on implacable expectations. I refuse to believe that Eve's best days are behind us and that belief is the fuel that continues to drive me here in these pages and inside of the game. So yeah, maybe these things will never come true. It is increasingly looking like they won't. But that doesn't stop us from wishing they would.

Big ideas require big dreams.

It shouldn't just be limited to April Fools Day.


  1. When I saw your Ridley Scott tweet I bitterly remembered the Fanfest 201x announcement when everyone got hyped about a potential EVE TV series. :D


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