A Few Good Pilots


Stay Frosty is looking for a few good pilots. Some fresh meat. New scouts. And players who are looking to challenge themselves in the harshest environment in New Eden - Solo and Small Gang PvP. I'm looking for future -10 PvP experts who enjoy playing Eve like a game and not a job. Pilots with drive, passion, and a willingness to learn the martial arts from the best pilots in the galaxy. Or veterans who are tired of being involved with small, dying corporations and are looking for a more vibrant and exciting group to fly with.

Stay Frosty is looking for a few good pilots. Are you one of them? 

What can Stay Frosty offer? Regular roams, daily Wolfpacks, learn as you go attitudes, show not tell pilots, an active and engaged group of Yarrr focused players who like to have fun, laugh at danger, and take on the biggest challenges. Stuff like that. We also have an active Discord, we fly in tournaments, we create the biggest events New Eden has ever seen, and we do it all based on our Pirate Code. And we've been doing it for over nine years now. So we're not going anywhere.

And best of all you get the chance to fly with Darkon, with Cerv, Lufax, No'Vac, Trajon, Angor, and all the other legendary pilots of Stay Frosty - even with me. If this sounds like something you are looking for let me tell you a bit about what you need. You need to be an Omega player with experience - at minimum 10m skillpoints - but honestly the 30-50m range is even better. You probably also need at least one alt character to handle transportation or isk earning, or whatever it is you need to do on the side. We can help with that as well.

And you need to join the EVEOGANDA channel in-game and let someone know what you want. And they'll help you figure out the rest.

And who knows, maybe someday soon I'll be writing about you here in these pages.

I just need a few good pilots. The rest are just targets.