Post Fanfest News

 Coronavirus: Stay In Fleet Wallpaper

Today I feel like a normal version of myself again. I suspect I've been negative for Covid for at least a day or two, but we're waiting to test until tomorrow when my Wife should also be negative. Luckily she was almost entirely asymptomatic, so that has been good. As for me, while I avoided any serious symptoms from Covid, I mostly just felt exhausted and unmotivated. My symptoms seemed most like a nasty sinus infection. So I'm glad that seems to finally be waining. Although from everything we've read and heard about this weird disease we remain ever vigilant.

So this messed up what was supposed to be a very productive return after Fanfest. Projects are on hold and commissions remain unattended. But that will start to change again starting tomorrow, as I'm back on Clear Skies IV work and the project list. So if you are currently waiting on something just be patient and I will get back to you soon. I promise.

I made a decision leading up to Fanfest that I'd like to share with you. I've decided that I'm going to work on my art, my creative pursuits, and my illustration & design work full-time going forward. It isn't going to be easy to switch careers at my age, but I don't look at it that way. I've always been involved with practicing my art on the side, even when my own career was keeping me extremely busy. So I don't feel like I'm starting from scratch, or from zero. So what does that mean for you dear reader?

It means that in addition to ISK related commissions, which I will always do (Alliance logos mainly), I will also be open to actual paid commissions once again. Over the years I've created custom pieces for players to use to decorate their offices, homes, and gaming rooms. Character portraits, and special works featuring favorite ships, history, or other creative pieces. So the doors are once again open for that sort of work. I actually have a couple of projects already underway that I will be revealing in the coming months that feature some concepts you might be interested in getting for your characters. More on that soon.

The second piece is huge, but the details will have to wait a little longer before I can openly talk about them. I will say this much, it involves CCP and I working together officially to bring more of my artwork to all of you. Details are being worked on as I write these words and I will be able to announce the details in a few short weeks. Until then just know that I am extremely excited about the possibilities, not only for the vast library of work I have already done, but for the potential of NEW and exciting pieces I can't wait to start working on. This is a big deal. So hang tight.

They say if you wait long enough anything is possible. My goal is simple, to create art that people enjoy and that reflects, comments, and enhances the things they care about. That I care about. For Eve and beyond. But you have to start somewhere.

So let's get started. More later.