A Weird Thing


This morning I slid into a Novice plex in Ouelletta and was greeted with a weird darkness I hadn't seen before. I went back out and slid again, just to make sure my eyes were not messing with me (like people do in the movies). Sure enough, there is a red, dark cloud inside the plex. I took the shot above to prove I wasn't crazy.

I tweeted it, posted it on Discord, and generally have no idea what it is. An aberration? Possibly. A menace? Possibly. A fun new thing I discovered? Probably not. However, despite the general "meh" that was met with my news across the community I am putting it here just in case it turns out to be something. People are, right now, fiddling with Faction Warfare dials in the halls of CCP, so it could be something important. They made fun of Caroline too y'know.

I hope they don't name it the Rixx Cloud or something dumb like that. Maybe the Rixx Mist? Or they could spell it cool, like The Rixx Myst. But that might be copyrighted. Either way, cool name. Probably nothing.