New Art Additions


Today I added two new pieces to the Store - The Orca Art Print Illustration seen above and the Hel Rush Illustration which I will post below. I also made some changes to the website, adjusted some pricing issues, and added a new version of the New Eden Map Illustration so it is now available in a framed version. That wasn't as easy as it sounds, since the original was 16x24 and I had to change the size to 18x24 for it to be framed. But I did it, simply because one person asked for it.

I waited almost 14 years for CCP to finally allow me the opportunity to sell my artwork and I'm going full in on the chance. 150%. Maximum Effort. I've been drawing and painting new pieces since Fanfest and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. Trust me when I say the following - I am not doing this to make a living or fill my coffers. Unless I start selling 2,000 posters a month that is not going to happen. That is not why I am doing this. I'm doing it for fun, for my own enjoyment, practice, and because I love Eve Online. I get a thrill every time my notifications ding and someone has bought a print, I freely admit it. But I just want to create excellent art pieces and challenge myself as an artist. Some people have asked me, over the years, why Eve? Why not create pieces for other IP or other types of original works? I dunno, like beach scenes or flowers or something I guess. I suppose I could. And I have done other work in other genres over the years. But I've also spent 14 years pouring my heart and soul into this community of ours. Working tirelessly so other artists and creatives could have this opportunity, along with myself. So I'd be a fool to stop now.

I could use your help spreading the word. Share my store link on your own Discord, or in-game with your friends. Pass it along. The hardest part is getting the word out to as many players as possible. That isn't easy. And I could use your help with that.

And if you have anything you'd like to see, or something you'd like to suggest, always feel free. Ideas come from the strangest places.

I hope you enjoy the new pieces, there are over 20 illustrations available now in a wide variety of sizes, frames, metal prints, and more. So take a look and consider supporting the arts.