The dog days of Summer. This usually means a slow down of activity around New Eden. And while we have seen a drop in the log-in numbers, activity remains strong inside the game. In ABA and Stay Frosty a lot of that credit has to go to our members, especially our growing group of FCs who have stepped up to drive regular roams and fleets and other activities. We're averaging three regular roams every week these days, with pop-up roams happening all the time. Heck, we've even seen some PvE fleets from time to time, although we don't talk about those. (I'm kidding)

Recruitment is also strong and we've got some solid new members who have jumped right into the mix and brought some new blood to the group. All in all Stay Frosty/ABA is going strong these days and that is always encouraging to see. Right now we're all buzzing about the upcoming Alliance Tournament and preparing the team for yet another glorious run at the finals. Our last two outings have not been glorious as we've gone 2-4 in the last two tournaments. We've certainly had a run of bad luck and we're hoping to break that streak this year. So fingers crossed.

As for me I'll be posting at a reduced rate here over the next few weeks. We're taking the entire family unit on a much needed family vacation to the beach and preparing for that is taking up a lot of my spare time. So look for less content in these pages over the next few weeks. After the excitement of Steel City Eve a few weeks ago and the launch of the new store over at - a break is just what the doctor ordered.

I was encouraged by the recent Faction Warfare talk last week, I wasn't able to watch it live but caught up over the weekend. It looks like things are going in an interesting direction and while details are still sparse, especially in certain areas, I'm sure we'll be getting more as time moves on. Until then I remain encouraged. I'm hoping to hear something that addresses non-FW entities that live and operate in LS space, entities like Stay Frosty. I still believe there could be a role for groups like ours inside or outside of Faction Warfare in some way. We certainly do have an impact.

I hope you northern hemisphere readers are enjoying your Summers.

Until next time.