Eve Phones!


Last week I introduced a line of 16 Eve themed phone cases on my store. The line-up includes cases for Apple and Samsung Galaxy phones, the two most popular phones in the world. There are 21 versions of each phone case. That is 336 phone cases that I had to create art for, set-up production for, and code into the store. That is a lot of work.

My supplier has only recently offered phone cases and is testing the waters when it comes to demand. They do plan on potentially offering other phones in the future, and I hope they do. I'm certain they will soon offer the new iPhone and Galaxy versions. 

I will be adding to the collection. I plan on continuing to add posters and other pieces as time allows. I would also like to mention once again that International Shipping is not only available but also extremely affordable. These pieces are produced at over 30 locations around the world and are made as close to the destination as possible. This not only reduces shipping times (generally) but also reduces shipping costs, tariff/tax issues, and other problems that can happen with International shipping. This is the entire reason I picked the supplier that I picked.

Anyway. I hope you find something that you enjoy.