Space Pope Talk


My good friend and fellow space traveler Charles White shared with me this talk he gave back in September at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) in Pasadena, CA. It is an excellent talk about the intersection of multi-verses and real life and science and the people that love them all. And it touches on themes that we both share a passion for. I highly recommend it.

There are times when I wonder why I continue. Times when my adult brain wants to know why I invest so much time and energy into the Eve Online community and game. I could easily be doing something else with that time and energy. And yet, more importantly, I get reminded almost daily about why it is important. Why it does matter. And the impact that not only my words, but my art, my time inside the game, mean to others. And those moments, those shared experiences, have an important and lasting impact. A real and meaningful impact. They are not wasted. They truly do mean something.

I know that Charles feels the same way. And I know that others do as well.