Stop. Typing.


ABA Toothpaste Fish Wallpaper

Long Live Toothpaste Fish!

I've been writing this blog for almost 13 years now and it still seems like a huge surprise to some people to discover it exists. This has been, since day one, primarily a journal detailing my personal adventures in Eve Online. That is and always will be its primary function. I play Eve and I write about it here in these pages. If you have an issue with that then I suggest you simply try not to read it. I'd like you to read it. But I don't make a single dime from this blog, there is no advertising or bait clicks or monetization involved. Other than the Eve Partner status it affords me and the glorious new site where I sell my artwork. 

Sometimes I write things that are fresh and often times I will wait and not write about things until much later on. Often, and I think you'd be surprised at how often this really does happen, I won't write about something at all. Ever. Of course you wouldn't know about those because they never see the light of day. 

In the last week I've been told to shut up about a hundred times. In one form or another, there are those out there in the game that wish I'd just shut up. Nothing new here. Sion wanted me to shut up about the Viceroy program once upon a time. Mittens wanted me to shut up about his character on multiple occasions as well. A lot of people got tired of me talking about WCS. Or Vagabond frills. Or Hats. Or a hundred other issues, events, and players in this game I had issues with over the last 14 years. Just keep quiet Rixx. It is only a game. Like I didn't know that. People got tired of me talking about artists rights and the Eve store as well. That issue took ten years of not shutting up.

So if you come here expecting me to stay quiet about what is happening in Eve Online then I have bad news for you - you've come to the wrong place. It isn't going to happen. This journal is a living, breathing platform where I express my opinion regarding the issues I find important and worthy of mentioning. It is a soapbox. Sometimes it is a literal propaganda platform. A pro-Stay Frosty and A Band Apart platform, because those are the two entities within Eve that I created and care for. So it should come as no surprise that when those entities are threatened, I will write about it. And I will do so in an incredibly biased manner.

Because this is not a news magazine. It is not a balanced news source. It is an editorial. An on-going, never-ending, constantly changing, ever-evolving opinion. My opinion. Always has been. Always will be. I love my readers and I appreciate those that come to share my journey with me. I encourage you to read the archives, follow along this amazing path that we've been on together all of these years. I've changed over those years. I've gotten older, wiser, and I think better over those years. I'm not the same person that sat down in January 2010 and started this blog to share my fan art with you.

I have no plans to stop.