Join Stay Frosty


Right now is the perfect time to consider joining Stay Frosty. With the Uprising Expansion Low Security space has never been busier and rife with more opportunities for good fights, plunder, and challenges. And, as always, Stay Frosty is leading the way. If you are a pilot who is looking to test your mettle against the rest of New Eden, then Stay Frosty is the place for you.

In 2023 Stay Frosty will be celebrating its Ten Year Anniversary. And in preparation for this celebration we are looking to add more players to our roster and expand our Corporation's abilities even further. We've recently instituted mandatory daily fleets and will be adding a new SRP Program for Fleet Tackle in the new year. In addition we operate 2-3 organized fleets every single week, including special fleets FC'd by the Pirate Lord himself. Our Alliance, A Band Apart, has recently grown to over 500+ members and there are plenty of opportunities Alliance wide for earning income, helping to support our famous events, and learning more about the game.

What do you need to join? We'd like you to have at least 10 million skill points and a few killmails you are proud of to show us you mean business. In addition you should read the Stay Frosty Code and agree to abide by the principles we stand firm on. We require you be active on Discord as well and we have a lively Alliance Discord for you to hang out in. Check us out in-game and fill in an application, it really is that easy!

Over the last ten years Stay Frosty has become the preeminent Pirate Corporation in all of New Eden and we aren't done yet. You can be an important part of our story and help us forge the second decade of YARRR in New Eden. 

Link to our Discord.

I hope to be flying with you.