We leave for Fanfest tomorrow. Obviously I will not be posting while we are away. You can follow our adventures over on Twitter(X) by following me @RixxJavix while we are away. I'll be lugging 35lbs of Art Cards on the plane with me, 2,000 of them, to hand-deliver so they can be put in the check-in bags when you register for the event. I'll also be bringing along lots of buttons, stickers, and other goodies as well. My Wife and I both enjoy handing these out while we are there and they make for great ice-breakers to meet new people. So be prepared for that. I'll also have pens with me if you happen to want anything signed.

Which brings up point number one - do not be afraid to come right up and introduce yourself. I want to meet you. Just be aware that I may already be involved in a conversation and be polite to everyone involved. Do that and we'll get along just fine. The entire point of going to Fanfest is to meet players and share stories, tell jokes, make fun of CCP, and generally have a great time. This is a great rule of thumb when it comes to meeting everyone there, including CCP Devs. Be polite.

If this is your first time just know that we are all there to help. Our DMs are open on various social media accounts - primarily Discord and X - so if you need anything help is just a DM away. There is no need to worry about getting lost or missing out on anything. There will be 2,000+ nerds around to help.

I still remember our first Fanfest and how nervous we were. It can be intimidating and scary that first time. But just relax and enjoy yourself. We are all in the same boat. Or, in this case, the same volcanic island.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible. And hopefully we all learn some exciting things about Eve Online and the coming plans for expansions, both in-game and in other areas as well.

Safe travels to everyone. Fly safe.

And Stay Frosty.