SVIPUL The Documentary


It took eight years, but it is finally here. Way back in 2015 I wrote a very silly post here in these pages called "Svipul: A Life in Pictures" which is among the top rated posts of all time on the blog. For a long time I've wanted to turn it into a video version, but I just never had the motivation to push it over the edge. Until now.

This is one of the things I like so much about what the folks over at Just About are doing with their bounty system. These ideas just pop up every so often and give you ideas for new content, new stories, and new ways of using your own content. It's a great system and I can't wait for it to go public.

Until then, enjoy the video. I hope you can appreciate my odd sense of humor and the alternative history that truly makes no sense whatsoever. It's all in fun.

I spoke to Svipul this morning in Florida and he is enjoying his retirement.