Tai One On

Tai Maac over at Tai One On, which I encourage everyone to go visit (after you've read this of course), contacted me a while back about updating the look of his blog.  Tai hasn't been blogging long and was recently added to the Blog Pack, but his posts are solid and insightful and he has become a regular read for yours truly.  As regular as I can manage these days.  

Wordpress blogs tend to make me frustrated in many ways, while they tend towards better templates than Blogger and more functionality, the templates tend to be less modifiable than Blogger's.  This makes my job harder in many ways.  But never impossible of course.  I really like how simple and clean this design turned out and Tai seems very pleased with it, which is obviously all that really matters.  When you visit his site you'll also notice the large background image which I also provided.  Make sure you tell Tai what you think of his new design and tell him Rixx sent ya.

Making people happy out-of-game and making them cry in-game... it's what I live for.

PS: That musta been a heck of a "critical issue" they bumped into this morning huh?  For those of you waiting, this has happened before and only Eveoganda was able to tell you why!  We even followed that up with a follow up!  I hope that hasn't happened again.