The DG Battle: Four Years Later

Getting the troops ready for battle!
Four years ago today the largest space battle in all of Eve, up until then, happened down in Providence. In light of recent events I will mention that there were about 17 or so Titans on the entire field, on all sides.

Between 2,500 and 4,500 pilots from -A-, CVA, LFA, Paxton, U'K and other aligned forces met in DG to do battle over recent advances our forces had made into Catch. Goodness knows I've written about this battle before.

If you are interested:

Those are good starts on what was an important moment, not only in Eve history, but in my own path. Funny that so many of the players involved in that fight four years ago are still names being mentioned today - Progod, Makalu, and many others were important players at the time. In addition, many of those I played with back then are now members of Stay Frosty.

I didn't bring this up to rehash the past. It is the fourth year anniversary and I think it is worth mentioning it.

On and on it goes, when it stops, nobody knows.


  1. I was there... well, not quite, it happened when I was offline, but I had assets in D-G station and lost friends in that battle!

    1. And it set the stage for round two when I joined M3 and came back to defend Provi once more. Good times.

    2. Which then set the stage for round three when I came back again and invaded Providence with Circle of Two... lolz.

  2. I remember that fight quite fondly even though I believe my single drake died a few times :) That loss (on my side) definitely set me on a different path for my EvE career than I had thought I would be following and I am happy for it!!!