Most Popular Posts of 2011

2011 was a year of big changes in Eve for Rixx. His transformation from Null Space Soldier to low-sec Pirate started in late 2010 and early 2011 with the creation of Lucifer's Hammer and ended with him joining The Tuskers.

Now that I can actually see and think a little, my Flu is dying a slow death, I thought I'd look back on the year that was by posting the most popular posts based on traffic. These are not my favorite posts, that list will be coming later, but these are the ones that grabbed the most attention.

Death Race II: Bath of Blood

While over 55k people read this post it wasn't enough to save it from being a victim of bad timing all the way around. You can read more in the post that announced the reasons behind the cancellation.

Golden Rokh

Over 45k visitors liked the Wallpaper of the Rokh hovering over the Golden Gate bridge. That is more than the two Pirate Cruiser Wallpapers combined. And yes, I plan on doing more of those in the future. Both of them.

Gang Tactics

The Gang Tactics series was extremely popular and yes I do plan on continuing those as well, just as soon as things calm down a bit from the Holiday madness.

EVEOTORIAL: The Mass of Men

This one would also make my "best of" list and I remain extremely proud of what I wrote during the heat of last Summer's turmoil over vanity items and the CQ. If you haven't read it I recommend every Eve player do so, it is a strong call to civil disobedience and the responsibilities that come with it.

Goodbye RK: You've got Red on your Orchestra

I still maintain good relations with many pilots in RK, both former and current, but they were not the Alliance for Lucifer's Hammer. It is a funny story and if you are not familiar with it then it is good reading. The whole thing started with one of our pilots fitting a small neut on his Vagabond, mostly because he was waiting for AWUV to finish training, and bloomed into an epic Troll of mammoth proportions. It was all in fun, at least from our end, and helped secure our little corporation some much needed attention. I still find it fascinating that people that proclaim to be "trolling" are so sensitive when they are being trolled.

BOOTED: Muppet Ninjas Endorse Blue Vs. Blue

And then an even better Troll came along. This was classic and one of the best laid plans that I have ever been involved with. Over 50 comments on this one, and they are probably just as much fun as the actual post. 

There were things about that moment in time that I couldn't write in the post, but they really aren't important now. Seeing as that was back in April, who really cares anymore?

What Tomfoolery awaits in the coming year?  Guess we'll have to wait to find out...