Getting Around the Neighborhood: Year Four

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My first two years in Eve I published the map from the in-game "Places I've Visited" settings, you can see the previous two years by clicking this link.  Above is the same map as it exists today.

Actually, not much is different about this map compared to the one from March of last year. Many of the dots are bigger, and certainly low-sec has filled in nicely in certain regions. The main addition being Fountain and Delve in the West. Mostly that comes from several long roams I undertook from Syndicate and the short-period of weird time I spent in Morsus Mihi last Summer.

I don't expect the map to change much this coming year either. While I continue to drive anywhere I want in New Eden, I don't get out into Null much these days. Nor do I anticipate that changing. Having said that, anyone that has followed this blog long knows anything is possible. 

At some point I'll become bored and take a nice long drive up North, mainly so I can get some red dots up there.