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This is becoming an annual event around here. Me talking about the thing I care least about in Eve, killboard statistics. And once again I feel the need to explain the caveat to that statement. I play Eve to have fun and the thing I enjoy most is shooting other players in the face. If my killboard sucks, or if it is impressive, neither one of those matter to me in the sense that it effects my game play. On the other hand I am not an idiot and I do take some pride in having a decent killboard. My goal is to have a decent killboard, as the other option would reflect poorly on my Corporation, my fellow pilots and the professionalism by which I approach my craft.

But I'm not out to be highly ranked, which is a good thing, since I'm not nor will I ever be. Blah blah blah, I'm sure you get it.

Another year has gone by however and it is time to look back at the statistics. This time last year I was the CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and we were tearing up the space around Verge Vendor. Rising in BC rankings, hanging out with The Tuskers and Shadow Cartel and getting pretty damn good at exploding Carriers for some reason. For the past eight months I've been a proud member of The Tuskers. My play time for the past four months has been extremely limited. As an example, in January my record was 30-4. In February I recorded no kills or losses, in April I was 6-0, May 3-0 and so far in June I am 3-0. Last May I was 118-22 and last June I went 34-11. So you can see my limited play time has seriously hampered my kills.

This time last year my PvP record stood at 950-286 (The year previous it was 526-172 ), so during the last 12 months I've gone 423-45. The previous 12 month period saw me go 424-114. So almost the exact same number of kills, but 69 less deaths. My total stands at 1,373-331 at the moment.

So despite being a nasty pirate for over an entire year now, I've managed to curb my losses rather significantly. From a 78% proficiency to 87% in the last twelve months. Not bad at all. And this is where kb stats do tell a story, I do seem to be getting better.

Two years ago my BC ranking stood at 42,372, last year it stood at 22,409 and right now it stands at 15,098. Another interesting stat, two years ago I had killed a total of 27 pods, last year that number stood at 103 and now it is 185. So you can see where the pirate life has had some impact. Although I could certainly have killed more, I tend to be too nice for a pirate and let people go when they put up a good fight.

I don't keep track of stats and I've certainly moved around to much to have a really good continuous killboard to reference. I mention BC because it is the once place I know that ALL my kills and losses are recorded. More useless stats, I've killed more BC class ships than anything else at 310, with BS at 214. I've also lost more BC than anything else at 58 losses. I bet most of those BC losses happened in Null.

What does it all mean? Not much really. There are plenty of players with much more impressive stats than I will ever have. Which is fine. I play mostly for personal pride and the fun of it, but it is good to see improvements and a slow but steady increase in my ability to be good at what I do.

So that's something.

When I write this post again next year what would I like to see? Given my attempts to get more solo kills I'd like crack the 10k barrier on BC and stay there. ( I once did it back in my early early days, but that was mostly just a statistical thing and didn't last long.) Other than that, progress, progress, progress. More good fights, more fun and more awesome explosions.

Oh baby.


  1. Go for it!! I fly also for the challenge and soloing is the best way to go about it. Just broke top 1000 in bc a few months ago.. New challenges await now, with trying out ships that no one wants to fly.



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