2015 Best of Roundup

2015 is behind us, but before I let it go completely, let's do an annual round-up of the best posts from the previous year.

So here are my favorites in no particular order.

Evolving the Fitting Window
These concepts for changing the fitting window are awesome and should be implemented.

Calling All Eve Artists and Creators
I created the "Creatives" Slack channel to help bring us all together. It is still up and running by the way.

Our Better Angels
One of my favorite posts.

Svipul: A Life In Pictures
This one might be the most popular post of the year.

Fanfest Player Presentation
Lots of Fanfest posts, but this one is video of me presenting. So it wins.

Greatness Video
I was the first to mix Carl Sagan and Eve and I still think it is the best one.

Eve Posters for SALE!
3 years of banging my head against a wall finally result in success!

Drifter Wars: Eve Online
A long-forgotten console game that inspired an actual game that eventually got banned.

RJ's Icon Guide
I made a very handy thing.

Eve Coloring Book: The Rifter
The first page of yet another on-going project

Stay Frosty Opening Credits
I re-created the True Detective opening credits sequence and its killer.

Drifter Wars The Game
Sorry if you missed this cause it is gone now.

The Men of ABA Calendar
So much awesome.

The Women of ABA Calendar
Even more awesome.

Ragnarok Over Manhattan
Ok how much awesome can you handle?

Vagrant Skies Launched!
ABA opens its own New-Bro Training Corp

The Modular Overview!
I present an entirely new way of looking at the Overview! Its awesome.

New Eden Chronicles!
Let's make a community book!

There are a lot more of course, but that is what the archives are for. Feel free to dig around in there and see what you can find.

Onward and upward.


  1. Better Angels

    This is the main reason one of my toons joined your corp (and the Frills thing >.<)- and the rest joined your Alliance - your almost singled minded dedication to the "Eve is Real" ethos.

    I share it, and many others of your readership do, but you bring your special talents to it which make it MORE real.

    Despite RL™ travails, you still embody the passion some of us have for what is after all a "game".

    I don't even bother trying to explain to family and friends what it is that grips me about this game until I start talking about the creative community we have - EveMon, Tripwire. Siggy, Eve-Survival, Dotlan, Fleet-up, FFS I could go on for hours, and how many games could boast about about that!

    Lets celebrate what we have, amongst those of us that appreciate it, and the rest are history.


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